Blink/Chromium web portal engine

S-Box mediacenters (except S3xx, S400) with fw Linux-Qt 5.0.x or newer support rendering Web-portals on Chromium engine ( API=“blink”). Current Chromium 77 is used.

Features compared to “tvip” and “html5” web portal API:

  • Chromium engine supports most of modern web technologies and has much better performance then Webkit.
  • Chromium uses its own player (tag “video”). Media formats support is currently limited.
  • Chromium player supports MSE and EME standards for media streaming (including Widevine DRM).
  • JavaScript API support is limited.

Media and DRM support

Chromium engine support the following codecs:

  • H.264
  • HEVC (if supported by device)
  • VP9 (if supported by device)
  • AAC
  • AC3
  • Opus

Tag <video> is used for video playback.
MP4 container is directly supported.
Adaptive streaming (HLS, MPEG-DASH) can be played by various JavaScript players with MSE (Media Source Extentions).
Mediacenters can access DRM protected content over EME (Encrypted Media Extentions) standard. Currently Widevine L3 DRM is supported. DRM playback was tested with Shaka Player.

TVIP API in JavaScript

String getDeviceId();

Returns model of mediacenter. For example, s605.

String getMainMacAddress();

Returns MAC-address of mediacenter (usually, Ethernet MAC-address).

String getSoftwareVersion();

Returns firmware version of mediacenter.

String getCurrentLanguageCode();

Returns current language code ('en', 'ru').

To exit the app, use JavaScript window.close(); method.

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