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Денис Цыганов
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Денис Цыганов
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 ====== TVIP TMS Changelog ====== ====== TVIP TMS Changelog ======
 <WRAP center round important 60%> <WRAP center round important 60%>
-If you update TMS from 3.2.29 version, please read [[tvip_tms_changelog#​beta11|link]] ​+If you update TMS from 3.2.29 version, please read [[tvip_tms_changelog#​beta12|link]] ​
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +==== 11.11.2020 [beta] ====
 +=== Fixed ===
 +General: Fixed the issue when any device may become unauthorized unexpectedly,​ even if no any user actions performed. After that, the user had to authorize again by himself his login and password. If quick bind authentication mode is used, provider'​s admin had to perform '​Update'​ action for particular user device via Admin UI.
 ==== 23.09.2020 [beta] ==== ==== 23.09.2020 [beta] ====