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tvip_key_server_installation [2018/04/20 16:32]
Egor Danilenko
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Egor Danilenko [Main steps:]
Строка 123: Строка 123:
 On TMS side you must configure CAS in Settings -> CAS servers On TMS side you must configure CAS in Settings -> CAS servers
 +=== Flussonic channel configuration ===
 +If you wish encode channel you must add drm directive to channel declaration.
 +Channel encoding available only for hls streams, other streams must be disabled for security reasons.
 +stream examplechannel{
 +  ...
 +  ...
 +  hds off;
 +  rtmp off;
 +  rtsp off;
 +  dash off;
 +  mpegts off;
 +  drm aes128 keyserver=http://​keys.example.net/​cas-server;​
 +=== TMS channel configuration ===
 +TMS require same channel name on flussonic and "​System name" in Channel entity. For example below that name is examplechannel. Other settings of CAS for channel is no needed.