TVIP Application Release Notes for S-Box v.60x based on Linux-Qt OS

4.1.14 (02.04.2019) beta

  • new: DLNA enable/disable switch was added to mediaplayer options.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect playback of MPEGTS streams with small values of MPEGTS buffer.
  • fix: Fixed connection to 12th and 13th WiFi channels (v.605).
  • fix: Fixed detection of WiFi status in JavaScript API.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect connection to some MPEGTS over HTTP streams.

4.1.12 (06.03.2019) release

  • new: Added “HDMI RGB” function to support some older TV.
  • new: Support for custom channel numbering in M3U/XSPF.
  • fix: Incorrect Teletext subtitle encoding in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some incorrect H.264 streams.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some heavily encoded H.265 streams.
  • fix: Changed list of supported Wi-Fi channels.

4.1.9 (19.02.2019)

  • new: Updated Polish translation.
  • new: S.Info now displays both provisioning and middleware Operator name.
  • fix: Fixed issue with bitrate switch for HLSv4.
  • fix: Bluetooth RC detection popup could be incorrectly displayed even if BT remote is connected (v.605).
  • fix: Fixed need of triple OK press in TV Cursor mode.
  • fix: Small fixes in Watch TV UI.

4.1.6 (11.02.2019)

  • new: EU localizations were added to CIS firmwares.
  • new: Support for simultaneous Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections (Ethernet has more priority).
  • new: Added notification when user has Bluetooth remote, but always uses it in IR mode. (v.605)
  • new: Added display of Wi-Fi network name in S.Info dialog.
  • new: Added switching to a selected position in TV archive over Middleware API command.
  • fix: Fixed player freeze during playback of some corrupted streams.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some MPEG-DASH streams.
  • fix: Continue playback in DVR (after stop).
  • fix: Classic on-screen keyboard was returned in all places except search.
  • fix: User could see incorrect portal in some cases when switching between apps.
  • fix: Fixed app crash after middleware switch in some cases.
  • fix: Inability to launch internal app from banner or Middleware API.
  • fix: Improved error detection during Wi-Fi scan.
  • fix: Improved Widevine stability.
  • fix: Incorrect aspect ratio in HTML5 apps.
  • fix: JSAPI: Incorrect TvipEvent callback sequence when starting and stopping playback.
  • fix: Some improvements in Middleware API.

4.1.4 (18.12.2018)

  • new: New TVIP logo.
  • new: Global content search UI for Middleware API and web apps (with JavaScript API).
  • new: Search over YouTube and Megogo.
  • new: Support for DLNA media servers navigation in mediaplayer.
  • new: New on-screen keyboard design.
  • new: Added numeric on-screen keyboard.
  • new: Support for launching apps and actions by pressing banner on Home screen.
  • new: Added network information and statistics to JS API.
  • new: Added hybrid preview mode with live screenshots (for Middleware API).
  • new: Support for launching apps and actions (TV event, movie, video) by sending a message from Middleware API.
  • new: Support for auto-layout of channel logo tab depending on logo relative widths (for Middleware API).
  • new: Sending messages about active apps over Middleware API.
  • new: WebVTT subtitles support for HLSv4 and MPEG-DASH (in testing).
  • new: SAMPLE-AES support for HLSv4 with fMP4 (CBCS).
  • new: Basic support for Widevine L3 DRM for MPEG-DASH (CENC).
  • new: ClearKey encryption support for MPEG-DASH (CENC) with key requests over JSON.
  • new: Support for media statistics sending not only at the end of playback, but also periodically.
  • new: Added module for Bluetooth remote setup.
  • new: Various user interface improvements.
  • new: Improvements in Middleware API.
  • fix: Improvements in archive support for MAG API.
  • fix: Fixed enabling of spatial navigation over JS API.
  • fix: Improved navigation over buttons in dialogs.
  • fix: Fixed local playback of large media files.
  • fix: Improved detection of teletext subtitles.
  • fix: Improved audio tracks switching in DVR HLSv3.
  • fix: Fixed spontenious unpause during media freezing.

4.0.26 (24.10.2018)

  • fix: Fixed Azerbaijan font.

4.0.24 (15.10.2018)

  • new: Support for .MTS container in mediaplayer.
  • new: Support for message delivery confirmation in Middleware API.
  • fix: HLS now uses the first bitrate listed in m3u8 as default (before bitrate with avg. bps was used).
  • fix: Fixed player crash with some HLS streams containing Teletext subtitles.

4.0.23 (26.09.2018)

  • new: New Web-portal mode “combined” (in addition to “tv only” and “whole system”).
  • new: SMB2/SMB3 protocol support.
  • new: Improved MPEG-DASH and HLSv4 support.
  • new: Added URL types “ffhls:” and “ffhlss:” to force HLS processing over ffmpeg.
  • new: Added Armenian characters support in UI.
  • fix: Fixed auth dialog in Legacy Middleware.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect EPG update in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed error in Browser app.
  • fix: MAGAPI: Fixed issue with incorrect player status detection after sleep.
  • fix: Optimized firmware size.

4.0.22 (08.08.2018)

  • fix: Fixed application crash when some types of subtitles are displayed.

4.0.21 (02.08.2018)

  • new: Experimental support for HLSv4 and MPEG-DASH (
  • new: Support for QR-code login for Middleware API.
  • new: Update of AZ translation.
  • new: Added caching of DNS responses (2 minutes).
  • new: Support of embedded fonts in ASS subtitles.
  • new: Added display of GMT shift in timezone settings.
  • fix: Fixed crash of Web-portals in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed reset of network settings in Wizard just after update.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect time in archive after resume from pause.
  • fix: Fixed issue with incorrect HLS bandwidth switch in some cases.

4.0.20 (11.06.2018)

  • new: Several changes in UI.
  • new: Support for Live video in YouTube. Fixed playback of some old videos.
  • new: Added Youtube Kids app.
  • new: Added Plex app.
  • new: Added HDMI-CEC device mode selection.
  • new: Increased number of supported HDMI-CEC buttons for some LG and Samsung TV models.
  • new: Added support for MOV_TEXT subtitles.
  • new: Added support for URL scheme ts(s):// to force using MPEGTS demuxer for HTTP(S) streams.
  • new: Display of current video resolution in screen.
  • new: User-agent was changed for webportals working in API HTML5 mode (to distinguish with API TVIP).
  • new: Some keycodes were changed for API HTML5 mode (to be compatible with Smart TV).
  • new: Added onPlayerFreezed event support in JS API.
  • new: Force system reboot if crytical error in system player was detected.
  • fix: Improved TV archive position display.
  • fix: Improved TV archive seeking logic.
  • fix: Some fixes in Middleware API client.
  • fix: Fixed mute self disable when playing some damaged streams.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some media files with MPEG4(DivX/XVid) codec.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some HLS streams with long URL sizes.
  • fix: Fixed playback of HLS streams when server do not send Content-Length header.
  • fix: Fixed error with mjpeghttp URL in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed Host and Origin headers for Websockets.
  • fix: Fixed web portals crash when entering sleep mode.
  • fix: Fixed drop of Sleep mode state after reboot.

4.0.19 (20.04.2018)

  • new: Support Wi-Fi USB sticks based on Realtek 8188EU chipset.
  • new: Ability to disable display of channel logos over provisioning.
  • new: Added Malta timezone.
  • fix: Improved bitrate switch logic for HLS.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect color-key in HTML5 portals.
  • fix: Improved support of multi-lang teletext subtitles.
  • fix: Fixed playback/seeking for some HEVC streams.
  • fix: Fixed setup of default audio/subtitle language over provisioning.
  • fix: Setup of color themes over provisioning.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect cursor display in edit text fields.
  • fix: Various UI fixes.
  • fix: Various stability and performance improvements.

4.0.17 (03.04.2018)

  • new: Added Invitation (Welcome) screen when new User interface is first launched.
  • new: New splash screen.
  • new: Default subtitle language setup.
  • new: Added more languages for audio and subtitle selection.
  • new: Enable Dial over provisioning.
  • new: Display of full model name (S-Box) in S.Info.
  • new: Added UI hide function to Web-browser. This allows full-screen video display.
  • new: Added Latvian, Estonian, Polish localizations.
  • new: Added remote control (VNC) for TVIP TMS.
  • new: JSAPI: Added setHomeKeyUrl function.
  • new: Channel numbers are not displayed by default.
  • fix: JSAPI: Fixed disabling of ColorKey function.
  • fix: Fixed themes setup over provisioning.
  • fix: Various stability and performace improvements.
  • fix: Selected audio track is now saved after achive paused.
  • fix: On-screen keyboard side reduced.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect interpretation of some keys in Web-browser.
  • fix: Fixed errors in Web-sockets protocol.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some HEVC streams.

4.0.13 (31.01.2018)

  • new: Added support for v.600 STB.
  • new: Added support for alternative IR codepages for TVIP IR Remotes.
  • new: Support WebSockets in Middleware API.
  • new: Support for remote channels switch and apps launch in Middleware API.
  • new: Added protocol for remote statistics sending (network, decoders).
  • new: Periodic update of ShortEPG in Middleware API.
  • new: Virtual keyboard prefers UI language by default.
  • new: Improved HTTP redirect support in HLS.
  • new: Added indication of video freezing in TV app.
  • new: Some navigation changes in TV app.
  • new: Support for SSH console access with unique passwords.
  • new: Support DIAL Multiscreen protocol for YouTube remote control.
  • new: DTS pass-through support.
  • new: Blocking usage of IGMPv1 protocol over provisioning.
  • new: Support sync sleep with TV.
  • fix: Fixed playback of HLS streams with large playlist sizes.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some MP4 streams.
  • fix: Updated localizations.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect media duration detection for HTML5 API (YouTube).
  • fix: Some changes in UI.
  • fix: Fixes in MAG API.

4.0.11 (19.10.2017)

  • new: UI color themes support.
  • fix: Changes and improvements in UI.
  • fix: Improved stability.

4.0.10 (05.10.2017)

  • fix: Improved stability.
  • fix: Changes and improvements in UI.
  • fix: Initial CEC support.

4.0.9 (25.09.2017)

  • new: Added Swedish localization (EU).
  • new: Support for PGS subtitles.
  • fix: Fixed router mode.
  • fix: EPG logic fixes for Middleware API.
  • fix: Fixed stats posting for Middleware API.
  • fix: Updated AAC decoder.
  • fix: More correct audio track switch for HLS streams.
  • fix: Added token auth for IPTVPORTAL.
  • fix: Fixed broke of subtitles after seeking.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect bitmap subtitles color.
  • fix: Reduced Multicast streams switch time.
  • fix: Improved stability.

4.0.7 (01.09.2017)

  • new: New user interface.
  • fix: Improved stability.

3.9.6 (06.06.2017)

  • Initial firmware.

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