TVIP Application Release Notes for S-Box v.530 based on Linux-Qt OS

4.3.10 (27.01.2020) beta,release

  • new: Added Greek language for audio and subtitles.
  • new: Added French localization.
  • new: Catch-up position is now saved after temporary switching to another app.
  • new: Added screenshot to PNG console tool.
  • new: Added UI control console tool.
  • fix: Volume control bar is now more visible.
  • fix: Improvements in WebVTT subtitles support for live streams in HLSv4.
  • fix: Improvements in Teletext subtitles detection for HLSv3 streamed from Flussonic.
  • fix: Improvements and fixes in Middleware API.
  • fix: Improvements in Stalker archive support.
  • fix: Fixed issue after exiting catchup by double pressing on channel in channel list.
  • fix: Fixed issue with incorrect colors with some video streams.
  • fix: Fixed issue with boot logo.
  • fix: Optimizations in player.

4.3.8 (28.11.2019)

  • new: Added S.Info window calling function to JS API (TvipStb.launchSystemInfo).
  • new: Added MPEG-TS per channel buffer setup (Middleware API, M3U, Web-portals).
  • new: Added new time zones to the list: Warsaw, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn.
  • new: Added Greek localizations.
  • new: Added feature to always boot STB to home screen (not to TV app).
  • fix: Fixed MPEG-TS buffer setup for Web-portals.
  • fix: More correct handling of connection timeouts in Middleware API.
  • fix: More correct handling of connection timeouts during firmware download.
  • fix: Fixed S.Info screen in web-portals in combined mode.
  • fix: Fixed Bulgarian translation.
  • fix: Optimized cursor navigation in Watch TV app.
  • fix: Updated User-Agents of browser and web-portals.
  • fix: Fixed not working symbols in web portals on virtual keyboard.

4.3.6 (23.10.2019)

  • new: Main application font was updated.
  • new: Added Georgian translation.
  • fix: Fixed display i-modes (1080i).
  • fix: Added basic PPPoE support.
  • fix: Fixed playback of 4:3 videos in YouTube.
  • fix: Support for Search RC button in YouTube.
  • fix: Blocking of Search RC button is system search is disabled.
  • fix: Fixes in Polish translation.
  • fix: Speedtest improvements and fixes.

4.3.5 (30.09.2019)

  • new: External subtitles are enabled by default in Mediaplayer if any.
  • new: Option for specifying media format (MPEGTS/HLS/other) for a channel in Middleware API.
  • new: Basic support for Widevine DRM in HLS(fMP4).
  • fix: Fixed incorrect reaction on some third party IR remote.
  • fix: Fixed issues with DVB-subtitles and improved subtitle rendering quality.
  • fix: Improved stability of audio switching with HLSv4.
  • fix: Fixed crash when using virtual keyboard in portal in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed crash in some cases when Home action is overridden.
  • fix: Small improvements in Middleware API.

4.3.4 (06.09.2019)

  • new: Archive seek with preview images support for Middleware API.
  • new: EPG “By Day” scrolling feature with FF/RW keys.
  • new: Display of current bandwidth measured by HLS/DASH client in S.Info-Del window.
  • new: Added UI network speed to operator's server test measurement test tool
  • fix: Improved multicast channel swithching speed.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some HEVC streams.
  • fix: Fixed issue with video window in web portals with enabled overscan.
  • fix: Fixed error display when portal could not be loaded in Combined mode.
  • fix: Fixed issue with Live streams in Youtube TV.

4.3.2 (18.07.2019)

  • Fixed display modes: 2160p и 576i.
  • Added USB WiFi RTL8811au support.

4.3.0 (01.07.2019)

  • Initial firmware.

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