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 === Common configuration === === Common configuration ===
-Declare DVR server via Settings ​-> DVR Servers+Declare DVR server via Channels-> DVR Servers
 In DVR editor will be setup theese parameters: In DVR editor will be setup theese parameters:
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 About //​tvip-cas//​ you can read in [[tvip_key_server_installation|this]] article. About //​tvip-cas//​ you can read in [[tvip_key_server_installation|this]] article.
 +===== Authorization in Flussonic via Middleware ​ =====
 +You can read this [[ https://​flussonic.com/​doc/​authorization/​authorization-in-flussonic-via-middleware | doc]] at Flussonic web site for explain how Auth via Middleware may help protect your streams. ​
 +1. Enable Flussonic auth feature for provider:
 +2. Enable feature for channel:
 +3. Setup auth path in Flussonic for each stream http:/​tms.example.com/​api/​drm/​auth_token:​