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 +====== Network setup ======
 +==== Static network setup file format====
 +//​Location://​ /​var/​tvip/​network.XXX (XXX - interface name (like eth0))
 +|DISABLED|no|if has value, interface will be disabled|
 +|IPADDR|yes|Static ip address|
 +|NETMASK|yes|Static netmask|
 +|GATEWAY|no|Static gateway|
 +|DNS|no|Static DNS|
 +|METRIC|no| by default: 1 for ethernel, 5 for wifi|
 +|WIFI_SSID|yes for wifi|Wifi SSID |
 +#wep disable
 +  * Lines starting from # are comments.
 +  * Type will be set to static if IPADDR and NETMASK exist.
 +  * Type will be set to dhcp if file does not exist at all or IPADDR or NETMASK are not present.
 +  * Number of DHCP servers could be more then one.
 +//Network up/down//:
 +/​etc/​init.d/​network stop
 +/​etc/​init.d/​network start
 +/​etc/​init.d/​network restart